“Adapt the traditional Japanese instruments to be plain, simple and chic!”
Wa-daiko, shamisen, koto, shakuhachi, shinobue, narimono, they are all the instruments of our orchestra which normally are not played in ensemble.
Our troupe has been formed in 2008 by the eight renowned artists specialized in each instrument in pursuit of unique musical experiences. Incorporating the qualified skills and the sensibility of the new generation, we compose the music that is enjoyable and easy to comprehend for everyone.
“Music has a nationality beyond borders.”
AUNJ CLASSIC ORCHESTRA’s technical quality and performance level in which the tradition and innovation are fused, are highly acclaimed around the world. Following a breakthrough live performance at Mont Saint-Michel in France, we conduct annual live tours at World Heritage sites. In 2013 with a theme of “One Asia,” a joint concert with the ethnic instrumental artists from the four countries within ASEAN, Association of South East Asian Nations, was held at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
In Japan, the tour goes around the historical and important sites such as Ise Shrine and Yakushi-ji Temple. Our activities are based on an objective to connect the world through music, our music which conveys the universality and diversity of Japanese culture.